Jan 2, 2018
Starts from JAN 2 (TUE) 2018. 2018年元月2日 (二)開始
Dec 16, 2017
Survive winter with MINE DRUG PLUS!!
葯妝店 MINE DRUG PLUS幫助您溫暖度冬!!
Dec 13, 2017
Overcome year-end fatigue with NIHONDO's healthy goodies to enjoy your holiday plan.
Oct 13, 2017
Many health related items are popular among young customers looking for a gift for their parents/grandparents.
Jul 28, 2017
【Magic tea?】 It is a herbal tea called “Blue Beauty” sold at 8F VedaVie. It appears as stunning BLUE first, but when you squeeze lemon juice in it, it turns into PINK! Limited in numbers; only 3,000 packs available in Japan.<.br> 【魔術茶?】 這是一款叫“Blue Beauty”的香草茶,在8F VedaVie櫃檯銷售。 它开始呈蓝色, 但加入鮮搾檸檬汁後,竟會變成粉色! 數量有限哦; 日本全國只限售3,000 袋。
Dec 29, 2016
Available at 2F Foreign Customer Counter.
All available at 5,400 yen each!!
Dec 5, 2015
Here is something that will warm you up from the inside of our body--a set of cranberry ginger tea, ginger syrup (Hibiscus & Rose flavor), and a rose-pattern cup!
7,074 yen
三件套 7,074日元
Nov 9, 2015
From Wacoal Human Science Research Center