Jan 13, 2017

Ekiben & Japanese Local Gourmet Fair
2017. 1/12 (THU) → 1/24 (TUE)
7F Event Space
*Closes at 5pm on 1/18 (WED), and at 6pm on 1/24 (TUE).



When ekiben meets GOLD...it turns into something fancy yet sooo yummy!!


↑[Hyogo Pref.]
Golden Hippari Dako Meshi (octopus): 1,280 yen
<Only 1,000 servings per day>

This unique ekiben is filled inside a container designed just like an octopus pot, which is used when catching octopus. This ekiben is usually in a brown pottery bowl, but this year, it's GOLD!!

金陶罐章鱼饭 :1,280 日元






↑[Fukui Pref.]
Golden Sea Urchin & Crab Bento: 1,500 yen
<Only 900 servings per day>

Crab meat, sea urchin, and cod roe on top of rice cooked with salted sea urchin.

黄金海胆&蟹肉便当: 1,500 日元


↑[Hyogo Pref.]
Conger Eel Sushi (with gold dust): 1,680 yen
<Only 800 servings per day>

This ekiben uses one whole conger eel!! Sprinkle some gold dust before eating.


星鳗寿司(附金箔): 1,680 日元




0108__2↑[Kyoto Pref]
Pike Eel Bento (with gold dust) : 1,500 yen
<Only 600 servings per day>

Pike eel is a popular ingredient in Kyoto. Flake some gold dust on this white fish before eating.

鳢鱼便当(附金箔) : 1,500 日元



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