EKIBEN FESTIVAL: Arita Ware Baked Curry
Jan 14, 2017

Ekiben & Japanese Local Gourmet Fair
2017. 1/12 (THU) → 1/24 (TUE)
7F Event Space
*Closes at 5pm on 1/18 (WED), and at 6pm on 1/24 (TUE).

Curry?? Ekiben??
Who would have imagined that CURRY and EKIBEN will come together??

0113_[Saga Pref.]
Arita Ware Baked Curry: 1,600 yen

有田烧咖喱饭便当: 1,600 日元

This ekiben was first made to spread Arita ware in Japan.
The combination of cheese and baked curry is simply great!!
Don't forget to heat it in the microwave before eating!!



Get more info about Ekiben Festival here>>


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