Dec 26, 2016

Will be selling lucky bags starting Monday, January 2nd, 2017!!
Let's take a peak at some of the lucky bags that will be appearing!!
Some are rare items, so don't miss out!!

1226___6[MBF] Liquor Corner
Suntory Whiskey Special Lucky Bag / 三得利威士忌超值福袋
405,000 yen <1 set only / 只限1套>

*Includes Yamazaki 25 years old, Hakushu 25 years old, and Hibiki 30 years old (700mL each), comes with Mt. Fuji paired glasses
*山崎25年、白州25年、响30年三件套(各700mL)、 附赠品


1226__[1F] Accessories Corner
Red Coral Accessories Set /珊瑚饰品四件套
88,000 yen <3 sets only / 限3套>

*Includes 3 necklaces and 1 pair of earrings.


1226___3[5F] Men's Business Goods Corner
Decorative Fan: Fujin Raijin/Natsuakikusa / 工艺扇福袋(风神雷神图・夏秋草图)

18,900 yen <1 set only / 只限1套>


1226___4[6F] Tableware Corner
Tokoname-ware Tea Set / 常滑烧茶具套装
14,580 yen <3 sets only / 限3套>

*Includes a teapot, cooling vessel, and 5 tea cups


1226___5[6F] Jewelry Corner
Japanese Koban (gold coin) Lucky Bag(with a present) / 纯金金币福袋(附赠品)

324,000 yen

*Production on order. Please allow approx. 2 weeks for production. Overseas shipping available.


1226__n[7F] Popondetta (train model corner)
N Scale Train & Rail Set / N比例火车&配套车轨
10,800 yen <5 sets only / 限5套>

*Comes with N scale model running ticket. <60 minutes × 3 tickets>
*Ticket valid until March 31st, 2017.
*Requires electric converter when using rail set overseas.


*All lucky bags are limited in numbers.
*All lucky bags are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.


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