[7F] Leapepe: Stylish Aprons for Stylish Babies
Nov 24, 2016

Limited time only.
Until Sunday, December 25th, 2016.

Looks like this cute baby below is dressed up so stylish and smart??
Actually, this vest he's wearing is an APRON designed just like a vest!

Not only cute, but it will do a great job for mom & dad too!
1. Easy to put on with back hook.
2. Can be used all-season. It's an apron, so just simply change the clothes wearing underneath depending on the season and weather.
3. Can be used longer than baby clothes. Sometimes, all the cute (yet expensive) clothes you buy for babies end up outgrown after wearing just a few times. As experienced parents know, babies grow fast!! Aprons might help solve that problem.
4. Designs great for special occassions!!

1124__1_2↑Apron: 3,240 yen
*T-shorts, pants, shoes, and other items worn are for reference only.

1124__2↑Apron & Blommer Set: 5,400 yen

Placed inside cute gift boxes, so they're great gift ideas for new moms and babies, as well as for upcoming Christmas present!!ヽ(´▽`)/


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