【Event Notice】 Pawnshop Big Bargain
Sep 29, 2016

Pawnshop Big Bargain
2016. 10/13 (THU) →10/19 (WED)
7F Event Space
*Closes at 4pm on 10/19(WED).

Those who are looking for brand items like LOUIS VUITTON and HERMES, here's an event you should check out.
Keio Department Store's "Pawnshop Big Bargain."
At Keio's Pawnshop Big Bargain, over 20 pawnshops that sell second-hand luxury brand items gather at our 7F Event Space.
When you hear "SECOND-HAND", you might imagine brand items in bad condition like scratched and party broken. But in fact, Japanese pawnshops known for selling second-hand brand items in good condition.
Special corners like "HERMES Bargain Corner" and "Louis Vuitton Under 50,000 Yen Corner"will be appearing too!! Don't miss out!!

_10/13 (THU) ONLY
HERMES Bargain Corner

*Above photo taken at Pawnshop Big Bargain of April, 2016.

Below are some items that will be appearing at HERMES Bargain Corner.

① Kelly 35: 548,000 yen
② Jypsiere 28: 468,000 yen
③ Bolide Relax 35: 478,000 yen


__210/14 (FRI) →10/19 (WED)
Louis Vuitton Under 50,000 Yen Corner


Other items will also be appearing!!

Louisvuitton_gaia_2[LOUIS VUITTON]
① Gaia: 178,000 yen
② Tote W PM: 250,000 yen

Louisvuitton_montaignebb[LOUIS VUITTON] MONTAIGNE BB: 198,000yen

Louisvuitton_lockitpm[LOUIS VUITTON] Lockit PM: 168,000 yen

Celine_luggagebag[CÉLINE] Luggage Micro Shopper: 138,000 yen

Tiffany_avenur_shopper_tote[Tiffany] Reversible 2WAY Bag: 58,000 yen

Ferragamo[Ferragamo] 2WAY Handbag: 59,800 yen

Watches_2① [HUBLOT] Big Bang Gold Diamond: 2,180,000 yen
② [PATEK PHILIPPE] Golden Ellipse: 1,780,000 yen

And many more....


Also, "Under 50,000 Yen Bag Corner" will also be appearing during the event period !!
It's almost like going for a treasure hunt!! You might make a lucky find!!

13_under50000yen*Above photo taken at Pawnshop Big Bargain of April, 2016.


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