Jul 13, 2017
【TENUGUI,Great souvenir idea】 Japanese traditional hand towel "手ぬぐい(TENUGUI)" in colorful & various patterns like kabuki, fireworks, sakura, etc.Fun to collect too!!
【TENUGUI,可是送禮的首選哦】... 日本傳統的手帕 "(TENUGUI)",顔色 & 圖案豐富,有歌舞伎, 煙花, 櫻花等圖案 !! 好有趣哦!
Jun 29, 2017
Overseas tourists only
Buy 20,000 yen, get 500 yen off coupon
JUN 30 (FRI) → JUL 2 (SUN), 2017
Jun 29, 2017
【Celebrate Star Festival】 JUL 7 is Star Festival "七夕(Tanabata) in Japan when people make wishes upon a star!These cute star motif sweets & bento to celebrate Star Festival are only available this time of the year .
【慶祝七夕節】 7月7日是日本的"七夕節(Tanabata) !人們在這一天向星空許願! 在這段時間銷售星星圖案的甜點 &便當,讓您的七夕節會變得更浪漫哦!
Jun 24, 2017
Hotel Delivery Service (Free)
Jun 22, 2017
【Japanese Summer in YUKATA】
Reservation available NOW!!
Jun 22, 2017
【Countdown Sale‼️】 From JUN 22 (THU) to JUN 29 (THU), 2017 Do not miss out our "pre-sale" before SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE. Get summer items at discounted prices!
【倒計時特賣‼️】 6月22日 (周四) 至6月29日 (周四), 2017 夏季清倉大特賣之前的爲期一周的倒計時特賣! 這也是淘到超值夏季時裝的好機會哦!
Jun 22, 2017
【Kids' Yukata & Jimbei from MIKI HOUSE 】 Kids' Yukata and Jimbei available from size 80cm to 110cm, both for boys and girls !
【小朋友的浴衣 & 甚平from MIKI HOUSE 】 尺碼從 80cm 至 110cm, 男孩 女孩 都有! 甚平的上下是分開的; 上衣在前面系袋子,下面是短褲。
Jun 22, 2017
【2017 SUMMER LUCKY BAGS】 Take a sneak peek at lucky bags that will be will be available from JUN 30 (FRI), 2017!!All are limited in numbers so hurry!!
【2017 夏季福袋】
2017年6月30日 (周五)起推出夏季福袋 !!) 數量有限,動作要快哦!!
Jun 22, 2017
【POP-UP greeting cards 】 Why not send your friends and family some greeting cards to let them know you are having great time in Japan?
【立體賀卡 】 暢遊日本時,何不給家人朋友寄一款富有日本特色的賀卡,與您分享一下這份喜悅呢?
Jun 22, 2017
【Summery shoes and sandals! 】 Sandals and long dress would be a perfect set to take on a vacation. SAYA & works introduces casual yet elegant style summery shoes and sandals! Let’s pick one for your next vacation destination.
【夏季款女鞋!】 涼鞋和長裙將是您休閒度假的最好搭配!SAYA & works 推出休閒且高雅的夏季款鞋子!
Jun 17, 2017
【2017 Summer Cosmetic Fair】 Is your skin ready for summer?
【2017 夏季化妝品精選】 夏季到來,您準備好護膚用品了嗎?
Jun 17, 2017
【Shoes made with GORE-TEX® fabric for rainy days】
【 GORE-TEX®防水設計雨鞋】
Jun 15, 2017
【Let's sing in the rain!】 June is the rainy season in Japan. But look at these pretty rain-goods! These will surely help you feel happier in the rain.
【一起在雨中歌唱! 】 6月是日本的梅雨季節。當您看到這些五彩繽紛的雨傘,心情一定會快樂起來的哦!
Jun 15, 2017
【Moisturizing cream in designed cans】
Jun 15, 2017
【A piece of delight to take back to hotel 】
Morozoff - a famous Japanese confectionery maker from Kobe - is filled with delightful looking jelly and custard puddings.
Morozoff -神戶的著名甜點製造商推出的啫哩和蛋奶布丁,在結束了一天的旅途后在酒店慢慢享用,會消除疲勞哦!
Jun 15, 2017
【NEW Matcha cigare cookie】 Did you know that YOKU MOKU has produced new product "Cigare au matcha".
【抹茶蛋捲 by YOKU MOKU】... 您知道YOKU MOKU新推出的“抹茶蛋捲”嗎?
Jun 15, 2017
【Time for summer fruit cakes】 Treat yourself fruity, refreshing cakes from ANTENOR Cakes using summer's all-time favorite fruits like mango, peach, melon are out!! Enjoy the creamy & juicy flavor
快來品嘗ANTENOR的蛋糕,慰勞一下自己哦! 使用時令水果--芒果,桃,哈密瓜,香甜鬆軟可口!
Jun 15, 2017
【Digital x Fashion “FES Watch U”】 Just been released on JUN 12 (MON), 2017! It’s an E-Ink watch, which you can display a variety of faces and band designs at the touch of a button. Great as a gift for both men and women.
【智能電子墨水屏手錶“FES Watch U”】
2017年6月12日 (周一)發售!只要按一下按鈕,就能隨時改變錶盤和錶帶的設計。不管送給男士還是女士,都超級棒!
Jun 15, 2017
【Cutie cute rain-shoes】 Look at these pretty shoes. These are all rain-shoes from Bridget Birkin. Prices are so reasonable, you will want more than one pair!
【Cutie cute 雨鞋】
哪一款都超可愛噢! 您一定會想不到它們都是Bridget Birkin的雨鞋耶! 價格也好親民,讓您好想要兩雙!
Jun 2, 2017
【Goldfish in Jelly!! WOW】 Summery dessert from Minamoto Kitchoan. Cute goldfish swimming inside a muscat flavor jelly !
Oh, don't worry, goldfish isn't real. It's made out of jelly, too!
【果凍裏面有金。。。金魚!! WOW】 「源吉兆庵」推出的夏季甜點!麝香葡萄味的果凍裏面是栩栩如生的金魚!不要擔心,金魚也是果凍耶!